The Moving List

No one likes the hassle of trying to remember everything that needs to happen before a big move. Luckily for you there is a way to make it significantly easier. Just make a list and if you don’t want to or simply don’t have the time, then continue reading because we are going to give you a simple break down of what you should to prior to moving starting from one month away all the way down to the day before.

One Month Before

  • Begin cleaning the entire house and find all those little things that have been lost over the years
  • Make sure that all bills, debts and affairs are dealt with beforehand because taking care of things like this last minute can be a pain.
  • Get rid of all the extra things by either donating them, selling them or just throwing them away
  • Contact the local moving company and make sure they know when you are going to want them there, that way you can coordinate your schedules.
  • Make sure you have filed a new change of address form. (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT) you’ll regret it if you forget something like that.


Two Weeks Before The Move

  • Make sure you have everything packed and labeled, this way when the day comes you’ll be ready to move
  • For the love of everything cancel your newspapers and law workers. It’s the worst when those people show up to an empty house. Seriously this is not okay to do to these people.


The Week of The Move

  • Let your family know that this is the last chance they will have to get everything organized and where it needs to be for the drive.
  • Make sure everyone in your family knows where they are going to be sitting in the vehicle during the move and that they have no more business to attend to in your old neighborhood.


The Day Before

  • Go over this list again and make sure you have done everything on it
  • Be sure that the kids are ready and well stocked with snacks and games for the drive
  • Make sure you have the route to your new home mapped out and if you can, have a GPS ready for the drive


So there you have it. With this you should have a slightly easier time getting from your old home into your new one.